Customised solution for Sonnenalp Wäscherei

WSP has welcomed a new customer in southern Germany. Sonnenalp Wäscherei is a compact laundry, in a beautiful area near the Austrian border and is owned by the 5 star hotel/resort Sonnenalp Hotel.

The hotel is a family business of over 100 years old, and has expanded considerably over the years. The hotel built a new laundry 5 years ago to ensure 5-star quality for their textiles as well.

Apart from their own laundry, they also wash for hotels in the area, and it is precisely in this area that they are expanding their capacity. At the moment they still wash about 6 tons a day, but this should expand in the coming years.

At Sonnenalp Wäscherei they used to work with a loading conveyor for loading the CBW, but they ran out of storage capacity. That is why they decided to supply a soiled side bag rail system, which is loaded by a container. All the installations mentioned were manufactured by WSP.


A nice challenge in this project was that the roof and the beams of the laundry are rather low. Therefore WSP has come up with a custom-made solution. The bag rail system is not mounted under, but between the trusses.

In the preliminary phase of an assignment WSP plans, besides on-site visits, a number of reference visits on a regular basis to give the client an impression of what WSP has realized at other clients. The Account Manager of WSP and the laundry manager of Sonnenalp Wäscherei visited two of our existing customers in Germany. These visits made a great impression on Mr Parragi, which elicited the following comment: “It is really amazing what WSP has done here”.

The installation has meanwhile been completed to full satisfaction.