New laundry for Ergon (NL)

We are pleased to announce that Ergon and WSP have signed the contracts for the realization of Ergon’s new laundry in The Netherlands. In close cooperation, progressive plans have been made for an unique laundry, with a high level of automation, combined with quite challenging sustainability goals.

Ergon has set demanding goals, such as doubling the processing capacity and efficiency compared to the current laundry. WSP developed a smart concept and designed an ideal layout.

Part of this project will be the delivery of a bag rail system, a sorting station for flat linen and a RFID sorting for personal garments, conveyor belts, new tunnels and dryers and an innovative set-up for the clean side in which machines, automated logistics and people will optimally work together. Equipped with the latest technology, complemented by the new software – WinWash® and Laundry Dashboard – Ergon will be ready for the future!

More and more laundries are opting for an independent system integrator when setting up their laundries. A partner who does not think in terms of product ranges, but in terms of unlimited technological possibilities. We have realised countless highly productive laundries this way since 1993. We offer a unique combination of advice, design and engineering of the one hand, and concrete logistics solutions on the other (software, bag rail systems and conveyor belts).