1. Discussion partner and advisor

    You can get more out of your existing laundry. Achieve better performance with the same machines and the same or fewer people. The secret? Together with WSP, you transform all the ingredients of your laundry into an intelligent system. WinWash and Laundry Dashboard play a central role in this. As a discussion partner and advisor, we can tell you waht you wil achieve. Take into account a productivity gain of at least 4 to 20 percent or more.

  2. Design and engineering

    You want to see an optimisation of your laundry reflected in the figures. The size of the investment is important, but the ROI wieghs more heavily. We take stock of you current situation and come up with a proposal for profitable adjustments. We realise structural, significant productivity gains for many laundries. With an investment that pays for itself within one or at most a few years. Based on the design and the quotation, you will come to a good decision.

  3. Project management

    During the optimisation of your laundry, you want to continue to serve existing customers as usual. Although the impact on you existing hardware is limited, thoughtful project planning is a requirement. We are happy to take responsibility for this. By now, we are very experienced in that regard.

  4. Same laundry, up to 20% more return

    Laundry equipment and control

  5. Turnkey delivery

    As a system integrator, we are only satisfied when you achieve the expected productiviy. Not just because we like to take responsibility for what we promise. Also because this fits in with our vision of the high-productivity laundry as a system, a chain. With turnkey delivery we mean that you no longer have to worry about the technology, but immediately benefit from the implemented optimisation.

  6. 24-hour service and support

    We would like to remain closely involved with your laundry. We are ready to help in case of a malfunction or incident, come up with updates proactively, carry out preventive maintenance and keep asking that one question. Could it be any better? Can we use your knowlegde of the day-to-day operations to optimise the processes? Is there anything else we can get out of it? By staying alert togehter, you guarantee maximum performance.