Sorting conveyor system

WSP's sorting conveyor system is a robust system suitable for voluminous, heavily soiled laundry.

This robust system is highly suitable for voluminous, heavily soiled laundry. The load cells in the belt weigh the laundry while it is still on the conveyor belt. An onscreen visual of this is then available to your staff. Naturally, this system dovetails seamlessly with the soiled laundry bag rail systems.

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At WSP we are keen to share our knowledge and experience with you. Below you will find a document providing technical background information on WSP's sorting conveyor system.

WSP factsheet Sorting conveyor system
Smart on-belt weighing system

This sorting system is highly suited to sorting items such as work clothing, workshop towels, mats and mops; it also works well as a clean laundry sort for flatwork and bone-dry items.

Good overview

The large bins make it easy to see the sorted laundry. This is turn makes it easy to correct any sorting errors.

Quick implementation

This sorting conveyor system requires no pit or platform. This means you can get it up and running without needing any major construction work.

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