Innovative laundries

Doing business in the laundry world is a challenging sport. A team sport, as far as we’re concerned. As an system integrator, we help you realise a laundry with maximum productivity. In doing so, we work closely with you, your teams and your partners (such as machine manufacturers).

What we bring to the table is brainpower, expertise and surprising technical solutions, such as a unique control system and the WSP bag rail system. In addition, we have the ability to realise your entire project. That produces inspiring results. Together with us, entrepreneurs realise productivity increases of well over 20 procent! Why not brainstorm about your laundry?

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3 Tips

You want a laundry that runs optimally, don't you? Where costs are as low as possible and margins as large as possible? Then think about the following questions:

  • How is your machinery and transport organised?
  • How efficient - and how happy - are your employees at work?
  • Do you know which production areas can still be improved?

Breakthrough in laundry automation

Recently, Urzinger Textilmanagement switched to the platform of WSP. The German laundry supplies numerous major customers and produces in a 2-shift model. The entire logistics control system was replaced – with minimal production loss during the conversion – within a few weeks.