More and more laundries are opting for an independent system integrator when setting up their laundries. A partner who does not think in terms of product ranges, but in terms of unlimited technological possibilities. We have realised countless highly productive laundries this way since 1993.

  • Our ideal is to make laundries future proof. This translates into our daily mission: to develop, together with laundries and their partners, innovative laundries that guarantee maximum performance. Indeed. Re-inventing performance. 
  • We offer a unique combination of advice, design and engineering of the one hand, and concrete logistics solutions on the other (software, bag rail systems and conveyor belts).

4 million kg of laundry per day worldwide.

'Independence creates room for innovation'

Maarten Ploeg - Founder

Good for Africa

WSP is a member of the Business Platform of Woord en Daad. In particular, we support a program for 1600 farmers in Loug Chari, Chad (Africa). The farmers are trained and receive financial support. In this way, they can grow into professional farmers who no longer have to live in abject poverty.


Would you like to donate to this charity? Then go to the  website of Woord en Daad.

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Elbert van Steenbergen

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