Breakthrough in laundry automation

Laundries are now independent with universal automation platform for processing and sorting (professional) clothing

System integrator WSP Systems (NL) has developed a user-friendly software tool as a universal automation platform for controlling existing and new clothing sorting systems. As a result, laundries are no longer tied to the software and control systems of their machine suppliers. Based on the successful WinWash® platform, an entirely new module was developed for this purpose. Machines from all manufacturers can be easily integrated through this platform. The rich functionality of WinWash® contributes to more sophisticated logistics control. Moreover, the open architecture enables laundries once and for all to quickly adopt new (IT) technology and to subsequently remain up-to-date. WSP has now successfully completed the first migration. Urzinger Textilmanagement (Landshut, DE) switched to WinWash almost without downtime. A breakthrough.

Many laundries rely on their main machine supplier when optimising their internal logistics control. Machines and logistics software traditionally form a single unit. Not infrequently a colossal whole: the sum of customised solutions and years of customisation. Laundries seeking to exploit new functionality and technology are therefore limited in their choices. However, moving with the market is now more important than ever – but costly, time consuming or practically impossible.

Instead of manufacturer specific.
With the introduction of a universal platform by WSP, that’s a thing of the past. The platform replaces the entire manufacturer-specific control of conveyor systems, from software to PLCs. At the same time, the platform provides the ability to link to any ERP system. The brains of the new control system is WinWash®. For years, laundries have been optimising their internal logistics with WinWash®. The further development into a complete platform, including the professional clothing module, enables an even wider deployment, at any scale.

Flow in production
A wealth of functionality is now within reach. WinWash approaches the laundry as a chain. Efficient design, control and monitoring of logistics flows increases output and performance. For example, by handling with buffer capacity in a smart way, WinWash brings an optimal ‘flow’ to production. With minimal downtime and delays. While the garments of all kinds of customers and countless wearers go through the laundry, WinWash® creates order. And the laundry determines what kind of order. For example, it is easy to set up calling out garments based on delivery day. Ideal for shipping. If a laundry has an entirely separate call-out method, it is freely configurable in WinWash®.

In addition, smart as the platform is, it keeps track of where all the garments are in real time. With the possibility of a link to the bag rail system, the total chain can be overseen. Still handy when a customer wants to know the status of an order.

Easily adjust machinery
With almost the same ease, controls can be set up and new machines can be added. In doing so, WSP speaks of configuring rather than programming. In the highly visually oriented WinWash®, an adjustment in the laundry requires only minimal effort. Changing routing or machinery no longer requires costly customisation.

Numerous practical functions
All that intelligence is unlocked with the simplicity of a web-based interface. Not only via robust, industrial touch panels on the workfloor, but also via ordinary PCs or tablets in the office. This also provides the office with a complete overview of the current production status. Complete with helpful instructions for the right operators at the right machines. Thus, numerous practical functions have been developed in WinWash® in recent years. Literally every part of the transport system can be controlled manually through WinWash®. And conveniently, the status of every sensor in the system can be visualised in real time, allowing for quick troubleshooting.

Freedom and independence
The benefits this universal platform brings are funda-mental. WinWash® enables laundries to run a very tight ship. To implement improvements in the production process quickly and efficiently. To integrate machines with the most suitable functionality at any time – regardless of brand. To enrich data from the laundry as you see fit in BI tools. To innovate on the laundry side, and respond well on the customer side. WinWash® brings freedom and independence to future-oriented laundries.

Recently, Urzinger Textilmanagement switched to the platform of WSP. The German laundry supplies numerous major customers and produces in a 2-shift model.. The entire logistics control system was replaced – with minimal production loss during the conversion – within a few weeks. The system is now proving itself in practice, resulting in a optimal flow. Urzinger Textilmanagement proves that migration is feasible and pays off.