1. Sparring partner and adviser

    How do you realise the ultimate laundry on a (potential) construction site? If you add our experience and innovative ideas to your vision, you will arrive at the optimal choices. Strategic choices that prove their value during the construction process, and in all the (book) years that follow. Our specialists will act as partners who are close to you and will experience the process together with you, from orientation on location and business case to commissioning.

  2. Design and engineering

    We create a complete design for your laundry. An efficient logistics process and opportunities for expansion in the future are important starting points here. We make the design transparent with 3D visualisations. In addition, we make simulations of the product process with our WSP simulation software. Based on the design, suppliers can make offers for you. This way, you will quickly arrive at a solid and detailed budget.

  3. Projectmanagement

    The realisation of your new laundry is a multifaceted project. We are happy to take responsibility for this project. This is where our strength as a system integrator proves itself. We bring all disciplines together and ensure a streamlined project. A project in which architect, contractors, IT suppliers, machine suppliers and other partners jointly deliver a top performance. We operate as a true co-creator; the linchpin of effective projects.



  4. Realize a high-efficiency industrial laundry.

    Laundry equipment and control

  5. Turnkey delivery

    As a system integrator, we are only satisfied when your new laundry is running optimally. Not just because we like to take responsibility for what we promise. Also because this fits in with our vision of the high-productivity laundry as a system, a chain. With turnkey delivery we mean that you get the key to a laundry that is ready for top performance.

  6. 24 hour service and support

    We would like to remain closely involved with your laundry. We are ready to help in case of a malfunction or incident, come up with updates proactively, carry out preventive maintenance and keep asking that one question. Could it be any better? Can we use your knowledge of the day-to-day operations to optimise the processes? Is there anything else we can get out of it? By staying alert together, you guarantee maximum performance.