WSP launches Care home Concept

In many laundry facilities, processing person-specific laundry presents some interesting challenges. Now, with its Care Home Concept, WSP is ushering in change. This concept uses UHF RFID chips, which are easily inserted into the laundry. In this way WSP enables the automated processing of person-specific laundry.

The Care Home Concept uses, for example, automatic soiled and clean sorting, for both hanging and folded items. The unique identification of laundry makes it possible to create optimal batches that include laundry from different care homes. Ultimately, the system resorts the laundry back to individual residents. A major benefit of this way of working is the saving in staff costs it enables. In practice, we have seen that this saving can be as much as 25 per cent. In addition, a significant reduction of up to 75 per cent can be seen in the number of complaints from residents. As this system provides complete clarity about all laundry items being processed, it becomes possible to create the perfect plan for using all the operating processes. Thanks to WSP System’s unique role as a system integrator, this system can be integrated into almost every laundry facility. For more information, check the WSP Care home Concept on Youtube.