Expansion of drying unit for Edelweiss Wakken

For a number of years, WSP Systems has been the regular internal logistics and automation supplier at the Edelweiss Wakken laundry in Belgium. A laundry active in different branches: hotels, restaurants and workwear. This product mix generates specific customer demands on a daily basis, which the laundry has to meet. It also involves complex logistical challenges in order to deliver the linen on time and according to the customer’s requirements.

It is specifically these complex logistics that WSP Systems is keen to assist in. Our specialty is to think along with the customer and to offer the particular solution that guarantees maximum performance. Over the years, for example, a number of expansions have taken place at Edelweiss Wakken: a soiled linen bagrail- and sorting-system, conveyor system for loading and unloading the dryers, dryer control system and a clean linen bagrail-system and drop points towards the different processing units, like towel folders and ironers. Recently, WSP received the order to expand the dryer control with additional dryers, in order to increase the total drying capacity.

WSP is always looking for ways to improve the performance of the laundry even further. Are you also looking for an independent partner that adapts to the growth of your laundry and helps to achieve that growth? Then contact us now and start improving the performance of your laundry!