Every square centimeter counts in fabulous challenge

‘You guys take such a professional approach’ is something we are used to hear from our customers. But to have this followed by ‘I am extremely happy with the way you have worked over these past weeks’ is a huge compliment. We recently received this compliment from Herr Popp, operations manager at Textilpflege Mayer, a laundry in Germany.

He was referring to our installation of a new soiled side bag rail system with sorting station and conveyor belts designed to handle the automatic loading of two wash tunnels. In addition, both wash tunnels were fitted with a new control system.  This expansion brought about a considerable improvement in the logistics and increased the storage capacity of the bag rail system from 9 bags to approx. 50 bags. The bag rail system and both wash tunnels are controlled by WinWash. All in all, this was a considerable renovation for this laundry, and it involved using every square centimetre of floor space. For the team from WSP it was a fabulous challenge.