Ergon Laundry in Veldhoven (NL)

The challenge

To equip the newly built laundry, WSP was asked to take care of designing, supplying, installing and implementing all laundry processes.

Ergon’s laundry is a special laundry. At this laundry, they are not concerned with saving on workstations, rather the laundry creates workstations. At Ergon Laundry, people who do not have a fair chance on the regular labor market find a place where they can flourish.

In addition to the social aspect, sustainability also plays a role. The laundry must become extremely sustainable and wash according to the highest quality standards.

A great challenge for WSP. A full scope assignment for a new sustainable laundry, with as many valuable workplaces as possible.

  • Creating beautiful workplaces for a fantastic group of people
  • Fossil-free washing
  • High reliability

The solution

An automated process involving as many workstations as possible. An example: the clean laundry is dropped in the right quantity at the right time on a hand folding table at an ergonomic height. As a result, the employee has a safe and orderly workplace and can fold laundry efficiently.

  • Safe ergonomic workstations
  • Automated process while maintaining workstations
  • Workplaces that bring value to the process

Thanks to a continuous washing process, the capacities of the various washers and dryers are optimally utilized. It makes the process easy for staff and there are minimal waiting and changeover times. The process is controlled in the WinWash software. The software is accessible in the laundry through several WinWash stations.

Heat pumps, solar panels and energy recovery ensure that the laundry is sustainable. The water used is 100% heated with this. Residual energy from the heat pumps is used to cool the building. The desire for fossil-free laundry is thus fulfilled.

'We have an extremely modern and sustainable company that runs to the very highest standards.'

Ergon Laundry

The result

A unique sustainable laundry with a focus on the human aspect. It succeeded in creating many valuable workplaces and fossil-free laundry. Thanks to automation, Ergon can run almost twice as much laundry with the same 200 employees as was possible in the old laundry.

  • More than 200 safe ergonomic workstations
  • Optimal cooperation between man and machine
  • Fossil-free washing of 45,000 kilos of laundry per week

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