Custom-made softwaretool for Kabus Textilpflege

Kabus Textilpflege is a family business, located in southern Germany, which is now managed by the fourth generation. Over time, the company has developed into a full-service company. Kabus’ main ambition is to provide the customer with the best possible service with the highest quality and absolute reliability through state-of-the-art technology and motivated employees.

At the end of last year, Kabus Textilpflege replaced an existing tunnel washer with a new one. That is why WSP has adapted the communication with the laundry line and increased the unloading height of the already existing cart tilter. In addition to this required work, Kabus Textilpflege has now also been upgraded to WinWash 2.0.

The great thing about this project is that we as WSP were able to further expand our range of functionalities during this project. Kabus wanted to add a number of specific functionalities to WinWash 2.0, such as preset, customer-specific articles. This prevents employees from spending a lot of time finding the right products. In close consultation with the Product Owner of WinWash, Henk van Engelenburg, we were able to fully comply with this customer request and incorporate it into the standard. The customer now has a software tool that is fully configured according to their wishes.

The conversion was realised in a period of only 24 hours. The engineers started on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday everything was tested and completed. The customer was able to fully resume production on Monday at 07:00.

Mr Felix Kabus was full of praise for WSP’s working methods: “Ich habe noch nie mit so einem Professionellen Betrieb gearbeitet in der Branche. Von Kommunikation, Durchführung, Projektleitung bis zum Montage und Fertigstellung… war ganz gut!”