Laundry Dashboard Stations at Göddecke Textilpflege

Göddecke Textilpflege has implemented Laundry Dashboard Premium in 2 of their laundries: in Lippstadt and Olsberg. With this Premium version, the laundries have insight into the cost price per product and per customer at management level. The newest addition is that this is the first project where the laundries are fully equipped with Laundry Dashboard Stations!

Previously, separate screens and separate readers were used on which employees could log in. The Laundry Dashboard Station is a concept where the overview screen for the visualisation of performance data and a Touch-Panel and RFID reader for the registration and deregistration of employees are integrated. The Laundry Dashboard Station ensures recognition in the laundry. In addition, the easy installation and connection of the Laundry Dashboard Station are also major advantages.

Before Göddecke chose Laundry Dashboard, they worked with a solution in which the data was visualised, however it did not allow any room for flexibility. Because a range of different machines had to be linked, this was an exciting project. In order to make this project possible, data interfaces were realised with 5 different suppliers of the customer!

Since the use of Laundry Dashboard the laundry has achieved a sifnificant performance improvement! Laundry Dashboard brings peace of mind to the laundry employees and provides insight on all levels (employees, team leaders, production leaders, management).